Monthly Wicca #1


I want to try a new series since my blog came a lot more alive lately. To keep things going I want to create some series that I can keep going. 

Let’s begin with my Wiccan journey that has started when I was around 12 or 13… 

I stopped everything I did because of my ex boyfriend! I hate him for this! But nevermind! I found my way back onto my path and now I’m reaching an even more peaceful mind. 

I want to begin with  the altar. A little disclaimer here, every Wiccan is doing it in a different way and I am not saying that the way I do is the right! It’s not everyone is different so is their way of expression and everything else. If you have other ideas or other experience or do I in another way please let me know in the comments. I would like to read how other people do, because I know no other wiccans where I live, people are either atheist or Christians. 

The altar is a space for channeling energies and for me it’s kind of my spiritual portal to the spirits and gods. I change it with every holiday. I didn’t really separate between the male and the female god, but this month I did. For the midsummer i put a loads of floral things in there. My little wooden piece I decorate, so I can move it. Usually it’s on my window desk but since it’s so warm outside I have to move it constantly. It’s now on the shelf in front of my tv. I’m not happy with this spot, because I really liked how the light from the window fall on it. And now it’s in a darker place. But the wooden box I movable, so it’s no big deal. 

I have three rose candles for the trinity symbol, an orchid to the female goddess and a black candle with a flower crown around it for the male god. As often I put my small Christals in a line and also the big one in the corner, to clean and sum the energies in my room. I also have my rose Quarz in my bag I take with me when I go out of the house. 


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