Im quite late With this, 

But I had too much going on lately.  My holiday ritual is always to change my altar, how I feel in need it at the time. I need some strong balance and power for my mind. A person who’s really important in my life really hurt me. A lot is changing again. The first picture is from midsummer, the last shows how it’s decorated for lughnassad. (The green liquid is Absinth) I’m exited on how my life will change in the next weeks. Xoxo luthien 

Too much rain 


Way to much rain … seriously … we can’t even bring out the horses because there’s is water everywhere. I can’t wait the rain to stop … and i really really hope it will be dry again until august 12. when my Festivals starting …. Mera Luna and summerbreeze. 

Rainy days in the stable 

Since last week it’s raining non stop, it’s so annoying. Everything drowns in water 💦 and it’s only 13-17 degree outside … so lassie got a rain coat, so she does not get so wet when she has to lie on the cold floors in the stable or the riding hall. Also the horses are not really amused to go out or even have a lot of motivation to train. As you can see in the pictures below, she threw around all the stuff …. 🐎💁🏻

Rainy greetings‘ 

Xoxo luthien

Shopping day 

Wolfenbüttel 25 th June 2017 
So I had been to Brunswick today and picked up some cool stuff, some chrystals, clothing and some items. 

A hair clip, a jeans, sunglasses(because I lost 3 this summer), Chrystals, tiny starwars bag, phone charger, phone case, fake lashes and lapis lazuli earrings

Stressed as Fuck 

Wolfenbüttel, the 25th of June 

Hell yeah, work work work. 

If anyone tells me, aaaah you don’t go to university right now … your just chilling around. I swear this person won’t have any teeth in his face! 

I work every fucking day right now! Get up at 7am and make the stables, then I ride the captain or take care of firstline, drive home and get some things done until I work in the afternoon again. 

Either the restaurant or the bar, and when I have an event I won’t be home again until so now you can calculate how much sleep I get in a week. 

Usually at the weekend I can sleep in, but my mum is on vacation so I have to do the stables also at the weekends. Today I hat a tiny little mental breakdown… my day started really really crappy. I couldn’t make it out of bed and then one of the horses nearly kicked me into a wall, then a giant transporter crossed our way and one of the other horses I had to bring out get crazy and ran away …yay …. I didn’t even hat the motivation or the power to get to captain today …. so I went home did my to do list of the day and slept from 11 am until 5pm. 

I have way too much stress right now and I didn’t make it to get some time for my mind to chill. 

Sleeping the whole day, really calms down myself. But I really need to fix this problem! Luckily next week my mum is back home so my weekend will be a little more relaxed. 

Funny thing, I changed university this year and also my subject, I’m waaaaaay to exited for everything 💕💕💕💕 

Also tomorrow there will be arriving an order, my nearly last order for the festival season and I want to make a look book with all the new thing I bought the last months💁🏻🦄🍾 

Film Forward 

I am a failure XD 

But at least I watched stranger things and thirteen reasons why, 

Now I restarted Sherlock and already reached season 3  

Last weekend I had some Friends at my place and we watched icarly and drank Gin and Absinth. Watched some trashy horror movies like the cabin in the woods 

Monthly Wicca #1


I want to try a new series since my blog came a lot more alive lately. To keep things going I want to create some series that I can keep going. 

Let’s begin with my Wiccan journey that has started when I was around 12 or 13… 

I stopped everything I did because of my ex boyfriend! I hate him for this! But nevermind! I found my way back onto my path and now I’m reaching an even more peaceful mind. 

I want to begin with  the altar. A little disclaimer here, every Wiccan is doing it in a different way and I am not saying that the way I do is the right! It’s not everyone is different so is their way of expression and everything else. If you have other ideas or other experience or do I in another way please let me know in the comments. I would like to read how other people do, because I know no other wiccans where I live, people are either atheist or Christians. 

The altar is a space for channeling energies and for me it’s kind of my spiritual portal to the spirits and gods. I change it with every holiday. I didn’t really separate between the male and the female god, but this month I did. For the midsummer i put a loads of floral things in there. My little wooden piece I decorate, so I can move it. Usually it’s on my window desk but since it’s so warm outside I have to move it constantly. It’s now on the shelf in front of my tv. I’m not happy with this spot, because I really liked how the light from the window fall on it. And now it’s in a darker place. But the wooden box I movable, so it’s no big deal. 

I have three rose candles for the trinity symbol, an orchid to the female goddess and a black candle with a flower crown around it for the male god. As often I put my small Christals in a line and also the big one in the corner, to clean and sum the energies in my room. I also have my rose Quarz in my bag I take with me when I go out of the house. 

Summer to-do-list 

It’s here …. summer 2017 and I want to get things done until university starts all over again 

Here’s a quick list of my goals until October comes around the corner

  1. Finish dexter 
  2. Watch how to get away with murder 
  3. Watch season 2 of preacher 
  4. Read Dracula 
  5. Read Sherlock Holmes 
  6. Read Zelda 
  7. Read Tom Sawyer 
  8. Finish Frankenstein 
  9. Save enough money for my new laptop (July) 
  10. Sell my clothes 
  11. Buy new clothes (every moth of the year!) 
  12. Buy new shoes 
  13. Get a fit bit band 
  14. Party with your Friends
  15. Have fun and be happy 🤘🏻✨

Movie declutter 

Wolfenbüttel, 29 June 

My little brother and me just declutterd our movies …. we have hundreds of movies and now we went trough all of them, reorganisied and declttered many of them. 

A few years ago we had a Magazin Abonnement which send us movies every other week, so most of them are now going to the trash. But I saved some and thought why not using the calm before the storm, since university starts in September. I will try to watch all of them. And write quick reviews as kind of an movie Monday or whatever I will come up with.

I hope there will be some interest in it and I hope there will be some good movies. 

I mainly grab thriller, horror or action movies. Some are classics some I never heard of before. 

Xoxo luthien

Wolfenbüttel,27 Juni 2017

He’s so clumsy! It’s unbelievable 

He fell on his legs the other day and now we have to put zinc on to the wounds so they heal properly ​