Stressed as Fuck 

Wolfenbüttel, the 25th of June 

Hell yeah, work work work. 

If anyone tells me, aaaah you don’t go to university right now … your just chilling around. I swear this person won’t have any teeth in his face! 

I work every fucking day right now! Get up at 7am and make the stables, then I ride the captain or take care of firstline, drive home and get some things done until I work in the afternoon again. 

Either the restaurant or the bar, and when I have an event I won’t be home again until so now you can calculate how much sleep I get in a week. 

Usually at the weekend I can sleep in, but my mum is on vacation so I have to do the stables also at the weekends. Today I hat a tiny little mental breakdown… my day started really really crappy. I couldn’t make it out of bed and then one of the horses nearly kicked me into a wall, then a giant transporter crossed our way and one of the other horses I had to bring out get crazy and ran away …yay …. I didn’t even hat the motivation or the power to get to captain today …. so I went home did my to do list of the day and slept from 11 am until 5pm. 

I have way too much stress right now and I didn’t make it to get some time for my mind to chill. 

Sleeping the whole day, really calms down myself. But I really need to fix this problem! Luckily next week my mum is back home so my weekend will be a little more relaxed. 

Funny thing, I changed university this year and also my subject, I’m waaaaaay to exited for everything 💕💕💕💕 

Also tomorrow there will be arriving an order, my nearly last order for the festival season and I want to make a look book with all the new thing I bought the last months💁🏻🦄🍾 

Wolfenbüttel,26. June 2017

My new workplace is beautiful at night. 

It’s kind of an alternative restaurant and bar, that offers some theme parties during the month and offers place for weddings or other celebrations. 

Last weekend I worked at a wedding there. 

Xoxo Luthien

Westdeutsche Cocktailmeisterschaft 


Ich melde mich nach langen mal wieder, denn ich war gestern bei der westdeutschen cocktail Meisterschaft in Hannover. 

Nicht nur als Besucher, ich war starter Nummer 28 mit meinem gin cocktail „British Fire“! Zwar wurde ich nicht platziert aber ich werde nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder mitmachen so wie auch bei der Junior Academy der DBU aber erst nächstes Jahr weil dies Jahr der einsende Schluss schon vorbei ist und mir das zu kurzfristig war von gestern auf heut  noch ein neues Rezept etc. Mir aus der Nase zu ziehen. 


Liebe Grüße 

Luthien 💜