Shopping day 

Wolfenbüttel 25 th June 2017 
So I had been to Brunswick today and picked up some cool stuff, some chrystals, clothing and some items. 

A hair clip, a jeans, sunglasses(because I lost 3 this summer), Chrystals, tiny starwars bag, phone charger, phone case, fake lashes and lapis lazuli earrings

Medieval markets in Bavaria 

Last weekend I visited my boyfriend,he lives in Bavaria. Well and me in Lower Saxony. First time I travelled my car, and it was kinda fun but also annoying. Anyway we had a beautiful weekend with a lot of fun. He and his parents took me to two medieval  markets, Saturday weissenhorn, Sunday Ellwangen (jagst). 

Since I’m starting coming back to my magical path, which I left because of my stupid exboyfriend in 2015  (long story, it hate myself for this). I got a lot of new stuff, mainly Christals and I searched online for an Esoterik shop near my hometown and google says that there is one; which I definitely need to visit next time I go to town. I want to get some rune stones maybe roseauarz or amethyst or some clear Quarz,and a pendulum because I lost the necklace I used for it …. 

so here are my gatherings from the market 
Also we had a lot of fun there,drinking and eating awesome stuff and watching the people and the shows 


Wolfenbüttel, Germany,30.april2017

Guten Morgen, ☀️

Wir tun uns mit dem fellwechel etwas schwer. Es schaut aus als hätte er Pilz am Kopf … aber es sind nur Hautschüppchen die sich lösen, leider klappt das nicht so richtig, deshalb kriegt er jetzt Zinksalbe auf die Stellen. 
Nebenbei muss ich zugeben dass ich mich total in die neue Schabracke verliebt hab, die ich Anfang April bei unserem reiterflohmarkt abgestaubt hab 💕

Summer Breeze HairStyles

Das Summerbreeze war eine tolle Möglichkeit an den Haaren meiner Freunde zu experimentieren… an mir selber klappt das ja meist nicht so ganz auf anhieb.

Make-Up technisch war das Breeze eher ein reinfall, weil es meistens viel zu warm war oder es in strömen geregnet hat. Man gut, dass ich nichts dagegen habe auch mal ungeschminkt zu gehen. Nichtsdestotrotz war es etwas schade, da ich gerne experimentiert hätte und ein wenig crazy werden wollte was Make-Up angeht.

Die Haare von allen, die eine bestimmte länge überschritten mussten dran glauben und am meisten mussten die von meinem Freund dran glauben;P  eines verstehe ich allerdings immernoch nicht … und zwar warum ich von meinen eigenen Frisuren keine Bilder gemacht habe ^^


Summer Survival Help for Pale Vampires


Summer was right around the Corner and it hit me with a big shot! I have dry Skin and I get sunburned easily … and I hate every day over 25 degree … and pure sun on my Skin…I had to protect myself, because I was at the stable very often and the sun was burning hot as fuck … the high defence suncreme I used was an UV Sport Suncreme and it does a good Job but sadly I got a sunbrun on my skull, which hurts as fuck and is soooo disguisting when it´s healing…  the after sun spray saved my head and my face in the evenings. So only my upper Body got tanned, my legs still were White as the walls XD so I tried a Selftanner the first time an on my legs it turned out perfectly fine. But my thoughs : hey let´s try conceal my Bikini stripes with this stuff … kinda failed, so please … use it on you pale legs … by talking about legs I tried a different shaving gel and I love it :3

Since I bleached my hair to a auburn to light ginger ombré I mixed up my Shampoo and conditioner, this Shampoo and conditioner are amazing and they smell sooo good! For my tips, which are not as destroyed as I expected them to become through the bleach, I got a new hair oil to apply after showering.

So moving back to my Skin, I prefered an oily showergel: the  waterlily and frangipani smell gorgeous and they mouisturised my Skin much better than any other shower gel. But since I have really dry Skin, this wasn´t enough. So I tried a  body oil, and fell in love with this, which made some certain guy kinda jealeousXD.

My Make-Up Newbies <3



This Summer I got some new stuff to add for my make-up Collection.

I´m very proud of me getting my Hands on a Kylie LipKit! :3

As usual, they were all sold out. I wanted the Dead of Knight,which I obvoiusly got and the Kymajesty, I didn´t got. But that´s okay, because some days later the negative Hype went on and I was kinda happy I didn´t buy it ^^‘. Nevertheless, everything was sold out so I went on ebaykleinanzeigen to see if there are People selling it and luckily I found someone who bought the wrong colour and the LipKit was still on the way to Germany. So I got in contact with her and bought her `Dead of Knight` LipKit which was one of the colours I wanted. AAAAAAnd it loooooks soooo AMAZING!!!! see it on my Instagram „Dead of Knight“ Kylie LipKit

So the next thing is also a Long Story …. I bought single eye-shadows allll the time and I finally got myself to buy a Palette and hell yeah I love this one! And I will post some Pictures wearing it, I promise 😉 The Nudes Palette

Next thing my `summer`mascara. In the summertime a lot happens to my face during the day and the last thing I Need is my Mascara to run down my cheeks and saying goodbye. As a solution I started a very good relationship with the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara, the waterproof Version of Course. 😉 Mascara

And for a Long time I bought a foundation again, a very light one, because I´m a Vampire… and well I really like it! I does not dry out darker, which I hated about my last foundation. It´s really smooth and does not dry out the Skin as much as other foundations do, which is also very important since I have very dry Skin. ^^ and I took the lightes shade as usual but  since I´m a Little tanned from the sun, it´s a Little too light. The Foundation

Last but not least, I was so jealous of everyone who got Èxposed from Kylie Cosmetics, so I searched for a Dupe of it and luckily found the „Vivid Matte Liquid“ Lipstick  from Maybelline in a Drugstore. The colour is beautiful and Close to Kylies „Exposed“. The colour I grabbed is called „Nude Thrill“. Vivid Matte Liquid Maybelline Kylie LipKit „Exposed“

The tickets arrived !

So finally our M´era Luna tickets found their way home ;P and I can´t wait to take as much Pictures as I possibly can and see APOCALYPTICA live !!!! :O 😀 but honestly I haven´t decided yet what to wear …. except the black matte lipstick ^^‘ I hope the weather will be great so my friends can look amazing in their Outfits too :3