Im quite late With this, 

But I had too much going on lately.  My holiday ritual is always to change my altar, how I feel in need it at the time. I need some strong balance and power for my mind. A person who’s really important in my life really hurt me. A lot is changing again. The first picture is from midsummer, the last shows how it’s decorated for lughnassad. (The green liquid is Absinth) I’m exited on how my life will change in the next weeks. Xoxo luthien 

Shopping day 

Wolfenbüttel 25 th June 2017 
So I had been to Brunswick today and picked up some cool stuff, some chrystals, clothing and some items. 

A hair clip, a jeans, sunglasses(because I lost 3 this summer), Chrystals, tiny starwars bag, phone charger, phone case, fake lashes and lapis lazuli earrings

Monthly Wicca #1


I want to try a new series since my blog came a lot more alive lately. To keep things going I want to create some series that I can keep going. 

Let’s begin with my Wiccan journey that has started when I was around 12 or 13… 

I stopped everything I did because of my ex boyfriend! I hate him for this! But nevermind! I found my way back onto my path and now I’m reaching an even more peaceful mind. 

I want to begin with  the altar. A little disclaimer here, every Wiccan is doing it in a different way and I am not saying that the way I do is the right! It’s not everyone is different so is their way of expression and everything else. If you have other ideas or other experience or do I in another way please let me know in the comments. I would like to read how other people do, because I know no other wiccans where I live, people are either atheist or Christians. 

The altar is a space for channeling energies and for me it’s kind of my spiritual portal to the spirits and gods. I change it with every holiday. I didn’t really separate between the male and the female god, but this month I did. For the midsummer i put a loads of floral things in there. My little wooden piece I decorate, so I can move it. Usually it’s on my window desk but since it’s so warm outside I have to move it constantly. It’s now on the shelf in front of my tv. I’m not happy with this spot, because I really liked how the light from the window fall on it. And now it’s in a darker place. But the wooden box I movable, so it’s no big deal. 

I have three rose candles for the trinity symbol, an orchid to the female goddess and a black candle with a flower crown around it for the male god. As often I put my small Christals in a line and also the big one in the corner, to clean and sum the energies in my room. I also have my rose Quarz in my bag I take with me when I go out of the house. 

Wolfenbüttel, Mittsommer 2017

So lassie and me had been to the stable yesterday, and we took a walk in our castle park. 

It was waaaaaay too hot, 32 degrees but we played anyway. Running and goofing around. 

So everyone, I hope you have a beautiful mittsommer although the thunderstorms destroy Lower Saxony.

Xoxo luthien 


Medieval markets in Bavaria 

Last weekend I visited my boyfriend,he lives in Bavaria. Well and me in Lower Saxony. First time I travelled my car, and it was kinda fun but also annoying. Anyway we had a beautiful weekend with a lot of fun. He and his parents took me to two medieval  markets, Saturday weissenhorn, Sunday Ellwangen (jagst). 

Since I’m starting coming back to my magical path, which I left because of my stupid exboyfriend in 2015  (long story, it hate myself for this). I got a lot of new stuff, mainly Christals and I searched online for an Esoterik shop near my hometown and google says that there is one; which I definitely need to visit next time I go to town. I want to get some rune stones maybe roseauarz or amethyst or some clear Quarz,and a pendulum because I lost the necklace I used for it …. 

so here are my gatherings from the market 
Also we had a lot of fun there,drinking and eating awesome stuff and watching the people and the shows