Too much rain 


Way to much rain … seriously … we can’t even bring out the horses because there’s is water everywhere. I can’t wait the rain to stop … and i really really hope it will be dry again until august 12. when my Festivals starting …. Mera Luna and summerbreeze. 

Rainy days in the stable 

Since last week it’s raining non stop, it’s so annoying. Everything drowns in water 💦 and it’s only 13-17 degree outside … so lassie got a rain coat, so she does not get so wet when she has to lie on the cold floors in the stable or the riding hall. Also the horses are not really amused to go out or even have a lot of motivation to train. As you can see in the pictures below, she threw around all the stuff …. 🐎💁🏻

Rainy greetings‘ 

Xoxo luthien

Shopping day 

Wolfenbüttel 25 th June 2017 
So I had been to Brunswick today and picked up some cool stuff, some chrystals, clothing and some items. 

A hair clip, a jeans, sunglasses(because I lost 3 this summer), Chrystals, tiny starwars bag, phone charger, phone case, fake lashes and lapis lazuli earrings

Film Forward 

I am a failure XD 

But at least I watched stranger things and thirteen reasons why, 

Now I restarted Sherlock and already reached season 3  

Last weekend I had some Friends at my place and we watched icarly and drank Gin and Absinth. Watched some trashy horror movies like the cabin in the woods 

Summer to-do-list 

It’s here …. summer 2017 and I want to get things done until university starts all over again 

Here’s a quick list of my goals until October comes around the corner

  1. Finish dexter 
  2. Watch how to get away with murder 
  3. Watch season 2 of preacher 
  4. Read Dracula 
  5. Read Sherlock Holmes 
  6. Read Zelda 
  7. Read Tom Sawyer 
  8. Finish Frankenstein 
  9. Save enough money for my new laptop (July) 
  10. Sell my clothes 
  11. Buy new clothes (every moth of the year!) 
  12. Buy new shoes 
  13. Get a fit bit band 
  14. Party with your Friends
  15. Have fun and be happy 🤘🏻✨

Wolfenbüttel,26. Juni 

Last weekend my university friend visited me at the stable and took some photos while riding. That was fun because we are definitely no photo models at all! We had some fights because the captain wasn’t really concentrated, everything was way to exiting for him so we kinda struggled getting him to run proper like a dressage horse he actually is. 

He has some expressions on his face that made my friend laugh while taking the pictures and me afterwards, sometimes he’s such a derp 😀 

Anyway we managed some pretty pictures 

Westdeutsche Cocktailmeisterschaft 


Ich melde mich nach langen mal wieder, denn ich war gestern bei der westdeutschen cocktail Meisterschaft in Hannover. 

Nicht nur als Besucher, ich war starter Nummer 28 mit meinem gin cocktail „British Fire“! Zwar wurde ich nicht platziert aber ich werde nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder mitmachen so wie auch bei der Junior Academy der DBU aber erst nächstes Jahr weil dies Jahr der einsende Schluss schon vorbei ist und mir das zu kurzfristig war von gestern auf heut  noch ein neues Rezept etc. Mir aus der Nase zu ziehen. 


Liebe Grüße 

Luthien 💜

Playlist February

Since I have my own car, like my really own car. I tend to listen to a few songs more often than others… this might be a little fun but here´s my car party playlist 😀

Black Ninja – Battle Beast

Whiskey in the Jar – Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen

Storm the Sorrow – Epica

Blau wie das Meer – Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen

Amaranth – Nightwish

Plankentanz – Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen

Sieben – Subway to Sally

Songs of Love and Death – Beyond the Black

Send my Love – Adele

Vinamäen Mies – Korpiklaani

Versengold – Versengold

When Angels Fall – Beyond the Black

Zwergenhammer – Equilibrium

Himmelsrand – Equilibrium

Wirtshausgaudi – Equilibrium

Work from home – Fifth Harmony


(not my picture, source:



I know there are some non metal songs inbetween, but #longhairdontcare