Wolfenbüttel,26. Juni 

Last weekend my university friend visited me at the stable and took some photos while riding. That was fun because we are definitely no photo models at all! We had some fights because the captain wasn’t really concentrated, everything was way to exiting for him so we kinda struggled getting him to run proper like a dressage horse he actually is. 

He has some expressions on his face that made my friend laugh while taking the pictures and me afterwards, sometimes he’s such a derp 😀 

Anyway we managed some pretty pictures 

Wolfenbüttel,26. June 2017

My new workplace is beautiful at night. 

It’s kind of an alternative restaurant and bar, that offers some theme parties during the month and offers place for weddings or other celebrations. 

Last weekend I worked at a wedding there. 

Xoxo Luthien

Wolfenbüttel, Mittsommer 2017

So lassie and me had been to the stable yesterday, and we took a walk in our castle park. 

It was waaaaaay too hot, 32 degrees but we played anyway. Running and goofing around. 

So everyone, I hope you have a beautiful mittsommer although the thunderstorms destroy Lower Saxony.

Xoxo luthien 


Wolfenbüttel,20th June 2017

So since my grandpa died, my grandma is decluttering everything! Really I mean everything and also  throws away really interesting things like old school books from an ancestor who was a teacher in the 19 th century. 

Also some books from the nazi-era, and some personal ids. 

We also found a piece of a drone from the Cold War, because near their home town was military station.

My grandpa collected many things connected with war history, he was really into worlds history. 

Also I got some bags from my grandma, which are true vintage pieces from the 60s and 70s. But I will do an own post for them


Wolfenbüttel,14th June 

These few pictures I captured in the park I had to work last weekend. I’m kinda experimenting with stuff to figure out what to chose for my competitive drink next year. Since I’m also heading out for a new job, I just work there until January so I get the money together for my new laptop …. why is apple so expensive ? 😭 

Anyway, enjoy

Xoxo Luthien 

Medieval markets in Bavaria 

Last weekend I visited my boyfriend,he lives in Bavaria. Well and me in Lower Saxony. First time I travelled my car, and it was kinda fun but also annoying. Anyway we had a beautiful weekend with a lot of fun. He and his parents took me to two medieval  markets, Saturday weissenhorn, Sunday Ellwangen (jagst). 

Since I’m starting coming back to my magical path, which I left because of my stupid exboyfriend in 2015  (long story, it hate myself for this). I got a lot of new stuff, mainly Christals and I searched online for an Esoterik shop near my hometown and google says that there is one; which I definitely need to visit next time I go to town. I want to get some rune stones maybe roseauarz or amethyst or some clear Quarz,and a pendulum because I lost the necklace I used for it …. 

so here are my gatherings from the market 
Also we had a lot of fun there,drinking and eating awesome stuff and watching the people and the shows 

Westdeutsche Cocktailmeisterschaft 


Ich melde mich nach langen mal wieder, denn ich war gestern bei der westdeutschen cocktail Meisterschaft in Hannover. 

Nicht nur als Besucher, ich war starter Nummer 28 mit meinem gin cocktail „British Fire“! Zwar wurde ich nicht platziert aber ich werde nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder mitmachen so wie auch bei der Junior Academy der DBU aber erst nächstes Jahr weil dies Jahr der einsende Schluss schon vorbei ist und mir das zu kurzfristig war von gestern auf heut  noch ein neues Rezept etc. Mir aus der Nase zu ziehen. 


Liebe Grüße 

Luthien 💜


Wolfenbüttel, Germany,30.april2017

Guten Morgen, ☀️

Wir tun uns mit dem fellwechel etwas schwer. Es schaut aus als hätte er Pilz am Kopf … aber es sind nur Hautschüppchen die sich lösen, leider klappt das nicht so richtig, deshalb kriegt er jetzt Zinksalbe auf die Stellen. 
Nebenbei muss ich zugeben dass ich mich total in die neue Schabracke verliebt hab, die ich Anfang April bei unserem reiterflohmarkt abgestaubt hab 💕