Summer Survival Help for Pale Vampires


Summer was right around the Corner and it hit me with a big shot! I have dry Skin and I get sunburned easily … and I hate every day over 25 degree … and pure sun on my Skin…I had to protect myself, because I was at the stable very often and the sun was burning hot as fuck … the high defence suncreme I used was an UV Sport Suncreme and it does a good Job but sadly I got a sunbrun on my skull, which hurts as fuck and is soooo disguisting when it´s healing…  the after sun spray saved my head and my face in the evenings. So only my upper Body got tanned, my legs still were White as the walls XD so I tried a Selftanner the first time an on my legs it turned out perfectly fine. But my thoughs : hey let´s try conceal my Bikini stripes with this stuff … kinda failed, so please … use it on you pale legs … by talking about legs I tried a different shaving gel and I love it :3

Since I bleached my hair to a auburn to light ginger ombré I mixed up my Shampoo and conditioner, this Shampoo and conditioner are amazing and they smell sooo good! For my tips, which are not as destroyed as I expected them to become through the bleach, I got a new hair oil to apply after showering.

So moving back to my Skin, I prefered an oily showergel: the  waterlily and frangipani smell gorgeous and they mouisturised my Skin much better than any other shower gel. But since I have really dry Skin, this wasn´t enough. So I tried a  body oil, and fell in love with this, which made some certain guy kinda jealeousXD.

My Make-Up Newbies <3



This Summer I got some new stuff to add for my make-up Collection.

I´m very proud of me getting my Hands on a Kylie LipKit! :3

As usual, they were all sold out. I wanted the Dead of Knight,which I obvoiusly got and the Kymajesty, I didn´t got. But that´s okay, because some days later the negative Hype went on and I was kinda happy I didn´t buy it ^^‘. Nevertheless, everything was sold out so I went on ebaykleinanzeigen to see if there are People selling it and luckily I found someone who bought the wrong colour and the LipKit was still on the way to Germany. So I got in contact with her and bought her `Dead of Knight` LipKit which was one of the colours I wanted. AAAAAAnd it loooooks soooo AMAZING!!!! see it on my Instagram „Dead of Knight“ Kylie LipKit

So the next thing is also a Long Story …. I bought single eye-shadows allll the time and I finally got myself to buy a Palette and hell yeah I love this one! And I will post some Pictures wearing it, I promise 😉 The Nudes Palette

Next thing my `summer`mascara. In the summertime a lot happens to my face during the day and the last thing I Need is my Mascara to run down my cheeks and saying goodbye. As a solution I started a very good relationship with the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara, the waterproof Version of Course. 😉 Mascara

And for a Long time I bought a foundation again, a very light one, because I´m a Vampire… and well I really like it! I does not dry out darker, which I hated about my last foundation. It´s really smooth and does not dry out the Skin as much as other foundations do, which is also very important since I have very dry Skin. ^^ and I took the lightes shade as usual but  since I´m a Little tanned from the sun, it´s a Little too light. The Foundation

Last but not least, I was so jealous of everyone who got Èxposed from Kylie Cosmetics, so I searched for a Dupe of it and luckily found the „Vivid Matte Liquid“ Lipstick  from Maybelline in a Drugstore. The colour is beautiful and Close to Kylies „Exposed“. The colour I grabbed is called „Nude Thrill“. Vivid Matte Liquid Maybelline Kylie LipKit „Exposed“

The tickets arrived !

So finally our M´era Luna tickets found their way home ;P and I can´t wait to take as much Pictures as I possibly can and see APOCALYPTICA live !!!! :O 😀 but honestly I haven´t decided yet what to wear …. except the black matte lipstick ^^‘ I hope the weather will be great so my friends can look amazing in their Outfits too :3


Searching for Inspiration

So ….

it´s another try to start a blog and this one should better be a good one ^^

I´m currently searching for some inspiration for blog entrys. And I will obviously write about the festivals … M´era Luna and maybe I´m going to Summer Breeze also.

About the books I want to read during the next months, and maybe my summer survival essentials, kinda beauty blogger things … but this blog will mostly be about me and my lifestyle, so stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment. If you have questions or ideas what I should create here … well let me hear those ^^

„Metalhead alert“

Hey, what kind of music do I listen to?

That´s a good question ….

But here´s what I´m totally into at the Moment.

Eluveiti – Inis Mona What the music video on youtube

Amon Amarth – Guardians of Asgard Watch it on youtube

Heaven Shall Burn – Valhalla Watch it on youtube

Trivium – Brave This Storm here on youtube again

Powerwolf – We drink your blood on youtube, what else

Apocalyptica – I don´t care seriously i love them and it´s on youtube again


What a small amount of songs … but maybe I´ll make a short mix more often of what I´m into during the month ^^

and please don´t judge my english skills …. I´m working on it ;P